In line with its main investment and business objectives, Brahms is currently establishing a 10,000 barrel per day modular crude oil refinery plant in the Republic of Guinea on the basis of a full-fledged techno-economic feasibility study. A local company, called Société de Raffinage Guinéenne S.A or SRG S.A, has been set up as the local operational company to build the project. The company is registered in Guinea since December 2011 under registration number RCCM/GC-KAL/037.767A/2011.


The output of the refinery shall meet a growing demand for refined products expected to develop from a major expansion of the mining industry as well as the urbanization during the decade ahead.


This modular crude refinery project converts crude oil into the below product slate:


1.      Gasoil (fuel obtained from petroleum distillation that is used in diesel engines)

2.      Kerosene (fuel obtained from petroleum distillation that is used for aviation)

3.      Gasoline (Benzene/ Gasoline being use for automotive)

4.      Fuel Oil (is heavy low quality fuel oil used to generate electricity).