Pierre Becard – Business Advisor


A chemical engineer and energy economist by training, Pierre Becard has 30 years of experience in the international oil and gas industry.


During the first 11 years of his career, Mr. Pierre Becard has worked for Shell in its French refineries where he served as process engineer, refinery economist and for the last 5 years as operations manager at Shell Berre refinery.


In 1997, Pierre Becard moved to Shell Trading in London and has worked in the oil trading industry ever since. In 2001 he moved to Switzerland to work for various leading trading houses such as Cargill, AOT and Addax.


During that period he had management responsibilities as well as the opportunity to work “across” the barrel. He developed experience in:


 ·       Supplying oil refineries (crude oil and products).

·       Trading oil and petroleum products.

·       Managing a processing deal.

·       Price risk management.

·       Refinery and assets acquisitions.

·       Business development in areas such as Africa, USA, FSU, Middle-East.


Since 2012, Pierre Becard is running his own company. He advises his clients for oil marketing and price risk management.

He further is a member of the Geneva Petroleum Club.