Oliver Mettraux - UAE Country Officer


Olivier Mettraux started his career as an Equity Analyst at Quaker Securities where he was involved in transactions related to equity trading, brokerage, investments and venture capital projects. After just a few years of excellent performance, Olivier became Partner and took the position of Head of Trading in 2010.


Throughout this time, Olivier worked on several large business ventures in the fields of technology, energy and biotechnology. He was in charge of investing, financing and supervising selected prominent Private Equity projects.


In addition to his work in the Private Equity field & Brokerage, Olivier also provided wealth-management solutions for large family offices, advising, investing and consolidating considerable amounts of their assets.


Throughout the years, Olivier has built and enlarged his extensive network in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and in July 2016 started as our UAE Country Officer.


Oliver graduated from the world-renowned Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne in 2007, with a specialization in Finance.