Our Vision

In order to think big in today’s global economic environment one has to start by planning strategic and small. Brahms is a true believer of “human size flexible projects” and disruptive technologies. This way of thinking is driving Brahms philosophy and project strategy.


Brahms is the result of many years’ experience accumulated by a team with diverse but complementary backgrounds. The company's interests in the fields of Energy and Finance are based on its belief that energy and economic development are coupled.


Indeed, Brahms is convinced that Africa can write its own future and gain competitive advantages by developing its natural resources and human capital through the use of New Technologies in the Energy and Financial sectors. Brahms’ main goal – to develop energy related projects – is facilitated by its involvement in the aforementioned fields which are key in developing economies.


It is in this respect that we are promoting modular refineries in a number of African countries relying on the following key principles: Flexibility, efficiency, higher quality, reliable refinery operations and clean.